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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Aptitude Test Prep : The Most Tricky Questions and More [Free 100% off premium Udemy course coupon code]

Image for course Aptitude Test Prep : The Most Tricky Questions and More

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Aptitude Test Prep : The Most Tricky Questions and More

Aptitude Test Prep. , Logical , Spatial , Verbal , Math Reasoning , Situational Judgment and Interview Questions

What you'll learn?

  • Verbal Reasoning Tests questions with explanations , and answers
  • Logical Reasoning Tests questions with explanations , and answers
  • 3-D Spatial Reasoning questions with explanations , and answers
  • Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) questions with the most effective answers
  • Know what type of questions are asked in aptitude tests
  • Practicing full pre-employment/placement aptitude test
  • Numerical Reasoning Tests questions with explanations , and answers
  • 2-D Spatial Reasoning questions with explanations , and answers

Requirements and What you should know?

  • No specific academic prerequisites

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone looking for getting higher scores at placement/pre-employment tests
  • High school , and University level Students looking for leveling-up their analytical skills

What is this course about?

An Aptitude test is a structured assessment that aims to evaluate candidates' abilities to complete certain tasks and assignments without prior experience or knowledge. The world's largest organizations use pre-employment/placement tests as a part of the Applicants Tracking System (ATS) managed by third parties. Aptitude tests could be a part of the total score of the candidate (ATS may contain information as resume, personal information, previous experience, and aptitude tests results). Aptitude tests test a range of skills varying from logical thinking to spatial reasoning skills.

Nowadays, most aptitude tests' questions are asked in a tricky manner. Some people complain about struggling to pass aptitude or psychometric tests to get their jobs. The good news is that the most common reasons for failing aptitude tests are lack of preparation, not recognizing weak areas, and ignoring strong ones.  The best approach is spending 80 % of time studying the weak areas, and 20 % to brushup strong ones.

These questions will help you work on all of the four specific areas of aptitude/placement tests: Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, and Numerical reasoning.

Also, Situational Judgement Tests' ( that might also be a part of ATS ) questions' examples with the most effective solutions are available.

This course offers : 

1- Instructions, and tips for each test type

2- Simple yet-effective answers, and explanations

3- 142 Practice Questions including all of the aptitude tests' four areas ( Logical, Reasoning, Verbal, Numerical )

4-Extra Q&A Section

5-Situational Judgement questions, and most effective answers found through surveying

6- A Full Exam that simulates many of Aptitude Tests at major companies and organizations

7-Instructor available for help for further explanation of questions

Note no.1: Best Strategy to go through this course is to start with the general test so you could know which type of questions you should start to tackle first.

Note no.2: Answers at the Situational Judgement section is based only on surveying, and not to be considered as the absolute best. It only gives ideas to help the candidates express their authentic opinions.

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Saturday, May 1, 2021

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