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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Complete Python Challenges, Python MCQ& Python Recap in 2021 [Free 100% off premium Udemy course coupon code]

Image for course Complete Python Challenges, Python MCQ& Python Recap in 2021

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Complete Python Challenges, Python MCQ& Python Recap in 2021

Python 3 MCQ questions & Python Exercises & Python Examples to be a Python job ready for upcoming Python interview.

What you'll learn?

  • learn how to use impeded Python interpreter in Udemy.
  • Learn how to code in python in simple and easy way by doing.
  • Learn how to use Jupyter notebook and IPython.
  • Become a python MCQ and coding challenging Expert.
  • Apply what you will learn in Python by examples through exercises.
  • Apply your Python programming Skills & Knowledge.
  • Learn Python coding in easy and simple way by doing, practicing & challenging Exercices.
  • Master Python programming Core Concepts in simple way through challenging Exercices.
  • Prepare your self for the upcoming Python interview.

Requirements and What you should know?

  • Computer & Internet.
  • You are willing to become Python jobs ready.
  • Your enthusiasm to accept the challenge and solve the 100 Python MCQ questions & the 100 Python Exercises.
  • Python basic core concepts.

Who is this course for?

  • Students want to master Python programming basics for upcoing interviews and coding challengings.
  • students want to learn how use impeded Python interpreter in Udemy.
  • Python programmers willing to master python Basics through Python Exercise & MCQ.
  • Students how want to master learn how to use jupyter notebook (Ipython) in simple and easy way.
  • Python Programmer who want to master Python programming Core Concepts in simple and easy way by doing.
  • Students want to apply Python knowledge and skills.

What is this course about?

100 Python MCQ questions, 100 Python Exercises, Python Coding Examples and Python Cheat sheets make you become a Python developer job ready for upcoming Python interview for this Python is for beginner and advanced Python developers .

These MCQ and Exercises are deep dive into Python core concepts:

  • Operators Types in Python.

  • Number in Python

  • Python Data Types.

  • Lambda Expression in Python.

  • String Functions & entries in Python.

  • How to use Input String Function in Python.

  • How to create Lists & lists operations in Python.

  • How to create Dictionaries & Dictionaries operations in Python .

  • How to create Tuples & Tuples operations in Python.

  • How to create Sets & Sets operations in Python.

  • IF Statement and control flow in Python.

  • For Loop in Python.

  • While Loop in Python.

  • Error Exception in python.

  • Functions in Python.

  • Python Modules.

  • Open Files in Python.

  • Object Oriented programming(OOP) in Python.

Also you will learn:

  • How to Install Python 3.

  • How to use python IDLE.

  • How to Install Anaconda for Python coding.

Why to master Python Programming Exercises ?

Python is a high level programming language, strong, elegant, and easy to learn.

Python is a modern programming language which used in many tech sectors like web, data science and

machine learning etc ...

Python is Faster than R programming language when used for data science.

Python Has lots of libraries which facilitate its use for data analysis.

Python is an Objective oriented programming Language so you can use objects when coding in python.

Python is Free open source programming language.

Python can be used for a large variety of programming tasks, such as for desktop applications, game programming and mobile development.

Python is a cross platform language, which means that code written for one operating system, such as Windows, will work well on Mac OS or Linux without making any changes to the Python code.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

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