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Monday, July 20, 2020

Questions and Answers to Improve Fluency [Free 100% off premium Udemy course coupon code]

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Questions and Answers to Improve Fluency

Become More Fluent Through Questions and Answers

What you'll learn?

  • At the end of this course, students will be better prepared to talk to other in English.
  • At the end of this course, students will be much more fluent in asking and answering questions in English.

Requirements and What you should know?

  • You should want to learn common English questions and answers.
  • You will need to be at least a high beginner or intermediate level English learner.
  • You should be interested in getting better at English.

Who is this course for?

  • Students who want to learn how to ask and answer common English questions.
  • Students who want to learn more about English conversation.
  • Students who want to speak fluenty.

What is this course about?

Do you sometimes not know how to ask a common question in English? 

Do you sometimes get asked questions in English, but you don't know the right way to answer? 

This is a complaint that I hear a lot from my students. This course can help you by showing lots of common questions and answers in common everyday situations. These are questions that get asked to people thousands of times every day, so it is important to know what they mean and how to answer them.

Every video in this course will have me presenting five common questions in different everyday situations. For each question I will present two possible answers that the student will have to choose between. You listen and read the questions and answers and then you think of which answer you think is the right one. After that I will show you the correct answer, as well as any possible alternative answers and I will explain them all. Finally, I will reveal a possible question for the wrong answer, too.

This learning system will show you common questions and answers so you can match them up and remember them forever. To check to make sure you know and understand the right answers for the questions, several quizzes are provided. These quizzes check and strengthen the knowledge you learn from the videos.

This course includes:

- Lots of videos presenting over 100 common English questions.

- Common everyday answers to those questions.

- PDF documents so students can read over all the material.

- Quizzes to check understanding and recall of the information.

- A final video to teach you what to do if you don't hear a question properly.

This course is perfect for people who want to improve their fluency and learn how to speak English more like a native speaker. It is an easy to learn system that will present you with commonly asked questions and their proper answers, so you will never have to be frustrated in situations again where you don't know what to say.

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Monday, July 20, 2020

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