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Monday, July 27, 2020

Learn Excel From Scratch [Free 100% off premium Udemy course coupon code]

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Learn Excel From Scratch

A beginner's guide to learn microsoft excel.

What you'll learn?

  • Working With Row, Column and Tables
  • Creating Beautiful Data
  • Working With Charts and Graphics
  • Basics Of Excel
  • Working With Formulas and Function
  • Using Advanced Excel
  • Programming Excel With VBA
  • Analyzing Different Data and Appendixes
  • Working With Cells

Requirements and What you should know?

  • Be able to open a basic excel spreadsheet

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone interested in becoming more efficient in using Excel

What is this course about?

Microsoft Excel is used by millions of people around the world every day. It is an extremely powerful tool that allows individuals and businesses to easily sort, search, and review large sets of data.While there are endless possibilities for how to use Excel, there are a number of basic formulas and built-in tools that everyone should know. You can learn these basic tips in under an hour and once you’ve mastered them you’ll be using Excel faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In this course I’m going to show you Split the text into multiple columns based on pre-determine break points,Easily clean up large lists and columns,Easily count different kinds of cells, such as blanks or non-blanks, with number, date or text values, containing specific words or character, etc.

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Monday, July 27, 2020

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